Grey Matter Arts

Grey Matter Arts

Portraits by Jonathan Wilson


I'm guessing that extra step of telling the webhost what the name of the domain is.... well, that's important. Who knew?!

Another day maybe

Had a bit of a hang up with the web provider but they sorted it out for me. With in 24 hours it should all be in line. Muhhahahaha.. :)


ALLLLL most ready!

Well, I've done the upgrade to the wix website and I'm just waiting for the domain provider to kick doteasy to the curb and plop my new webhost in place. Once that's done, I'll have my new site lined up with my domain Yay!!

Seems to be a positive response.

So far so good. I've heard some good word of mouth on what I have up so far. I'll have to figure out what to do next... There's the challenge.

More features

I've added some more cool stuff to the website. Have some of my illustrations and even some of my music that can be played right there. I'm excited for the new changes. Once it's all complete, it will be very nice. :)

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